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The Future of Entrepreneurship

The world has always needed entrepreneurs to break down barriers and build new markets, but that doesn’t mean that the entrepreneurial process has always been the same. The truth is that entrepreneurship is always changing. While it is impossible to know exactly...

Up-and-Coming Venture Capitalists

We are now well into the Information Age and more and more entrepreneurs are tasked with coming up with the next great idea. Fortunately, they have help in the form of young, tech-savvy venture capitalists. Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 venture capitalists includes many up and coming investors who are interested solely in technology and are looking to change the landscape of many industries. In 2019 there will be some fresh, young, new faces vying for the chance to invest.

Blockchain’s Impact on Businesses

With its untapped potential, blockchain promises to streamline business processes, reduce document- and labor-intensive transactions, and make the overall enterprising practices much easier.

The Top 4 Female-Founded Venture Capital Funds

The idea of venture capital firms and funds are relatively new but its underlying principles have existed for decades, namely someone sees a promising business and fronts their own money so that they can grow the business into maturity.   While this space was...

Unicorn Companies: Which Ones Are Doing Well?

Start-up companies are up against the odds when they set out to produce a new product or service. Despite these odds, there are still some that become highly profitable. Those select few private companies that reach a valuation of more than $1 billion are known in the industry as “unicorns”.

Top 4 Venture Capitalists to Know About

Venture capitalists play a tricky game when agreeing to fund a startup. There’s no guarantee that their investment will grow into the much larger companies that they can eventually profit from.

Angel Investors: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

What is an angel investor? You may hear the term tossed around a lot in the startup world, not just in tech, either.   But what does it mean?    Angel investors are also known as informal investors, angel funders, private investors, seed investors, or...


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